Friday, May 7, 2010

Purpose + People

May 7, 2010

Sitting at a Marketing meeting this week, I had the opportunity to reconfirm in my own mind – and heart – what I have always known to be true: it’s people. Every member at the table nodded like a bobbling toy when we discussed our business relationships. We can talk about spread sheets, ROI, and 80/20 all we want, and if we don’t have purpose + people - (not businesses, not corporations, not organizations) -with whom we forge our relationships, our connections, our associations, our partnerships, and affiliations, then we are missing the boat.

In Daniel Pink’s new release this year: “Drive,” he speaks of purpose as one of the three legs of an inspired life; autonomy and mastery are the other two. (I happen to believe that purpose trumps the other two elements.) So often in the workplace, people are driven and motivated by other less altruistic goals. Sometimes these folks end up chasing an elusive dream, sometimes stepping on toes to push and struggle to reach the next rung, the next marker, the next promotion. Stop pushing. Stop struggling.

When we are mindfully in sync with our life purpose, we don’t even think about pushing – we ease. We glide. Ask yourself what your purpose is in life. For me, it is the service and engagement with people. If I can enrich and touch others in a meaningful way, on a daily basis, it is a great day. All of our interactions – both personal and professional – come from the same foundation: authentic purpose. People know when they are being schmoozed; they recognize insincerity; they understand politics, and they get egocentrism.

When we align our life purpose with people – serving others – we cannot help but to get back twofold. If we approached our prospects, clients, associates, neighbors, communities, with this intention, can you imagine how fortunate we would all be?

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