Monday, December 23, 2013

‘Twas 2 Days Before Christmas

By, Poppy Spencer
Coach Poppy Ornament

December 2013

‘Twas 2 days before Christmas,
And all through the streets,
Every kid in the country
Longed for Dr. Dre Beats.

Their stockings were hung
By the fireplace by mothers
They’d all pick Apple products,
If they had their druthers.

Other devices were nestled
Securely in their cases,
While people walked around,
Averting human faces.

With my cell and Mac Book
And others with a phone,
We sat together in the room,
Together, but alone.

The moon on the drive
Was beautiful and bright,
And people were caught up,
With things that were trite.

When from under the tree
There arose such a shout,
I set down my iPhone,
To go check it out.

It was nothing but some ornament,
That had fallen and broken,
Hand painted by Aunt Kate,
It’d been years since we’d spoken.

The iPhone chirped
No doubt it was a text,
And I wasn’t at all prepared
For what happened next.

There holding my iPad,
iPhone, and Mac Book Air,
Stood a familiar figure;
And all I could do was stare.

The cords were all draped
Over his red velvet suit,
And one even was tangled,
In his black leather boot.

“Oh Smartphones! Oh Samsung!
4 G’s. iPhone 5 S’s!
What on earth has gotten you
Into these messes?

He spoke so softly,
Yet clearly undone.
“Technology has caused you,
Not to have fun.”

“You claim you’re together,
That you’re just hanging out,
But everyone’s plugged in,
So what’s that all about?”

I looked down at the ground,
Shame stung my every pore,
I knew he was right,
As he continued with more.

“Human kindness is felt,
In the heart, not a device.
Please try to be mindful,
You know, maybe think twice.”

“A tweet or a text,
Even a Facebook like,
Can never replace
A hug from a tyke.

“So consider shutting down,
Completely log off,
So what if your friends,
Ridicule you or scoff?”

“You’ll know you’re real,
You communicate face to face;
The virtual world’s okay,
Yet it has it’s time and place.”

“So call your Aunt Kate,
No email or tweet;
Tell her you miss her,
Now that would be sweet.”

And suddenly he collected
The ornament’s shattered bits,
And held them for me to see,
My mood was in the pits.

“I feel badly,” I said.
“That was a favorite of mine.”
He shook his head smiling,
“Look. It’ll be fine.”

In a flash, the pieces
Flew together as one,
The ornament was intact,
Like magic. No glue gun!

“How’d you do that?”
I whispered in awe.
“That was the coolest thing,
I think I ever saw.”

“Well you won’t find it on Google,
Nor anywhere online,
It’s merely my inspiration,
A token, a sign.”

“To give of yourself,
Share in real time with others,
Openly interact,
With your sisters and brothers.”

He handed me the ornament,
I was riveted in place,
“There’s nothing that beats live action,
No emoticon. No winky face.”

“Enjoy one another!
Kiss, hug and touch!
There’s nothing more blessed,
Be grateful for so much.”

“No matter how tempting,
I won’t post or tweet.
I’ll engage with loved ones,
And hug all I greet!”

“Thank you, St Nick!”
I yelled up the flue.
“You’ve made our time special;
Merry Christmas to you!”

May you embrace the joy in real time of the Christmas season and in the New Year!

Mindfully Yours,


P.S. With appreciation to the author of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Clement C. Moore, whose great nephew is a dear friend.

In January, Coach Poppy will be moving to a new location, and we will keep you updated. Thank you all for sharing J

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