Monday, December 24, 2012

‘Twas the Day Before Christmas

December 24, 2012

‘Twas the day before Christmas,
And all through our nation,
Families were fervently festooning,
With a Christmasy expectation.

Our stockings were hung,
On cup hooks with creativity,
With hopes that with no fireplace,
Would be trumped by our lovely nativity.

Every family member in our home,
Had gathered in cheer,
Each bringing their uniqueness,
To share and celebrate this year.

From the tiniest at two,
To a four-generational span,
There was much about which to be joyful;
I was a proud and adoring fan.

Our lives were so full,
Each day, a rich surprise,
We were glad the Mayans messed up,
About an apocalyptic demise.

When out from my reverie,
There arose a bustling noise,
I flew to the window,
Probably, George and Jonathon - the boys.

And there on our patio,
Stood a figure dressed in red;
I knew it must be Santa,
Yet it was Abraham Maslow, instead!

“How can you be here?”
“You with your hierarchy of needs?”
He winked from the shrub,
Where he had been pulling some weeds.

He stood up and smiled,
In a gesture so gracious,
And extended his arms - and Poof!
Our home suddenly felt spacious.

“How did you do that?”
My body was frozen in awe,
“You made everything feel abundant,
And yet there was nothing I saw!”

“Oh Skinner!  Oh Pavlov!
Rogers, Freud, and Jung!”
These mindful-like theorists,
Our psychological heroes unsung.

“It is my human triangle,
To which I give my attention,
Belonging, Love, Self-actualizing –
Are the biggies I mention.”

“We all have the mindset,
We can trust our intuition,
Kimmy, Matt, Kelly, and Molly,
Have brought this to fruition.

I stared at him quizzically,
As I am fascinated with the brain;
“So, you are asking us to be happy;
Is what we can expect to gain?”

“You can literally ‘choose’ good thoughts,
Over those that feel bad,
You are much more apt to appreciate,
A life that is ‘so rad.”

“Both Daniella and Adrianna –
In their toddler-like tone
They speak from their heart -
A distinct no-filtered zone.”

I thanked him profusely
Just before he parted,
For his inspirational message,
One that Geoff and I have already started.

“The idea of selecting our thoughts,
Of being consciously aware;
These benefit all of humanity,
The mindfulness we can all share.”

And in a magical flash,
This Positive Psychology Elf,
Bid us Merry Christmas, saying:
“Live the best version of yourself.”

Thank you to Clement C. Moore, (‘Twas the Night Before Christmas), Kelly Christiansen, (who reminded us to live the best version of oneself), and Matthew Carlson, who shares awareness that we are all on a daily journey to choose our path.)

Mindfully Yours,

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