Tuesday, January 3, 2012

4G Blessings

Happy New Year, 2012

‘Twas two days into the new year
And along Florida’s Gulf Coast,
Many iPads and 4G’s were bought;
There were Facebook statuses to post.

Our still-perfect tree de-trimmed,
No needles in sight,
While visionaries in the New Year,
Were optimistic left and right.

Geoff, my husband, sound asleep
And I savoring this season,
Had a thought suddenly appear,
For no apparent reason.

When out on the drive
There arose such a noise;
It wasn’t Santa again,
But those college- aged boys!

Joking and laughing
They made their way in,
Subwoofers still reverberating,
The neighbors bristling at the din.

And me in my cashmere,
Bracing an atypical Florida chill,
Had just settled my coachpoppy spreadsheet,
And finished the last electronic bill.

Teens, George and Molly,
Welcomed Jonathon, their brother,
I realized this holiday time,
Would be like no other.

Chicago daughter and family
Shared in the celebration,
Making it four generations of love,
To their Christmas vacation.

I sat back from my desk,
And had a mixed feeling,
The loss of my Dad:
Still apt to take much healing.

Yet coupled with the love,
Of which our family is blessed,
Our patriarch is emblazoned
On all of our hearts’ crests.

When out from my reverie,
There arose such a sound,
I leapt up from my laptop,
Stepping over lights neatly wound.

And there in the driveway
Stood a figure dressed in red;
Yet it wasn’t anyone complaining,
It was indeed, Santa, instead.

He said he’d come back,
With a post Christmas gift;
It was sure to boost spirits
And give everyone a lift.

I was eager and intrigued,
Curious to know of this offer,
And silently wondered if his present,
required a dip in the coffer.

I searched high and low for
A present from his sack;
And even twirled around Santa,
To see what was behind his back.

Nothing was evident,
I realized with a start,
My curiosity was explosive;
There was pounding in my heart.

With a jolly wry smile,
He pointed to his chest;
He said: “The gift is right here;”
“When you discover it, it’s the best.”

“Your heart can’t be quantified,
By spreadsheets, quotas, and measures;
The gifts of family and loved ones –
You have the 4G app of treasures.”

“While your Dad is heaven
He’s always with you in spirit,
His presence is here;
You needn’t ever fear it.”

“Tally up your blessings
Like you might on Excel,
Cherish family and friends,
Make all your relationships gel.”

“On positivity! Oh Mindfulness!
Optimism! Think Easy Street!”
“When you embrace all of these,
Your life will be full - complete.”

“What you imagine - will happen,”
He said with a wink;
The law of attraction abounds,
With how you feel and think.”

“You’ve now married your soulmate,
Some say that’s sort of ‘cheesy,’
With positivity of mind and spirit,
Life with your Geoff is wonderfully easy.”

“You’ve never been happier
I know that most will agree,
Now share love around you;
This is my New Year decree.”

“Spread your good will;
A heartfelt smile ear to ear;
And know that you have the app for,
Blessings throughout the new year.”

Santa waved to his reindeer,
Saying forgive those who feel maligned;
And smiled at me graciously:
“Continue to keep your heart well-aligned.”

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  1. Blessings dear one and Happiest of New Beginnings!