Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Best and Blessed

December 31, 2011

‘Twas the night before the new year

And all through Sarasota,

Folks welcomed in 2011,

While businesses reached their year-end quota.

Pundits scrutinized the year,

With a microscopic lens,

And people secretly hoped for a

Cross-the-board economic cleanse.

Talking heads spoke of worry,

Of a downturn and a slump;

While visions of recovery

Were met with a harumph.

And me in my cashmere,

Bracing an atypical Florida chill,

Had just settled my coachpoppy spreadsheet,

And finished the last electronic bill.

I sat back from my desk

And reviewed this year with the rest,

I so quickly determined,

For me, this year I was blessed!

Teens, George and Molly welcomed their sisters,

The Chicago- based sibs;

Kimmy and Matthew’s three massive bags,

Were topped off with pink baby bibs.

Kelly and Bryan traveled lightly,

And had breezed through security;

Check point agents with probes,

Waved them past with pleasant-like surety.

When out from my reverie,

There arose such a sound,

I leapt up from my laptop,

Climbing over boxes on the ground.

And there in the driveway

Stood a figure dressed in red;

Yet it wasn’t anyone complaining,

It was Santa instead.

He said he’d come back,

With a post Christmas gift;

It was sure to boost spirits

And give everyone a lift.

I was eager and intrigued,

Curious to know of this offer,

And silently wondered if his present,

Required a dip in the coffer.

The reindeer grazed and nibbled,

On our light-adorned shrubs,

While Geoff’s son, Jonathon,

Watched a recording of Scrubs.

I searched high and low for

A present from his sack;

And even twirled around Santa,

To see if was behind his back.

Nothing was evident,

I realized with a start,

My curiosity was explosive;

There was pounding in my heart.

With a jolly wry smile,

He pointed to his chest;

He said “The gift is right here;”

“When you discover it, it’s the best.”

“Your heart can’t be quantified,

By spreadsheets, quotas, and measures;

The gifts of family and loved ones –

You have 4 generations of treasures.”

“On positivity! Oh Mindfulness!

Optimism! Think Easy Street!”

“When you embrace all of these,

Your life will be full and complete.”

“What you imagine - will happen,”

He said with a wink;

The law of attraction abounds,

With how you feel and you think.”

“And you’ve re-found your soulmate,

Some say that’s sort of ‘cheesy,’

With positivity of mind and spirit,

Life with your Geoff is wonderfully easy.

“You’ve never been happier

I know that most will agree,

Now share love around you;

This is my Christmas decree.”

“Spread your good will;

A heartfelt smile ear to ear;

And know that we wish you,

Blessings throughout the new year.”

Santa waved to his reindeer,

Saying forgive those who feel maligned;

And smiled at me graciously:

“Continue to keep your heart well-aligned.”

New Year’s Blessing and Mindfully Yours,


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