Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Your Wildest Dreams

June 2, 2010

Intuition. Gut feel. Inner Knowing. We ALL have it. Yet so often, we dismiss that very real, very clear sense that we feel physiologically, as mere nonsense. It might not make rational sense. It isn’t logical, and so we cast it aside.

This first week in June publication is the first newsletter that will be under Coach Poppy; Marketing Mindfulness has evolved and fused with Coach Poppy. This obvious transition came to me in a very visceral, intuitive sense first; then intellectually – logically. The inner desire I had to embrace authenticity, simplicity, and effortlessness, was a powerful catalyst that gave voice to meeting my client’s needs head on. Listening, looking, observing, and sensing what another desires, is what our businesses and relations are all about: it’s about the other.

Over the past year that you have received Marketing Mindfulness Moments, my Career Coaching business, Coach Poppy, has streamlined its focus to concentrate on those who are newly emerging into the marketplace. With the same principles of mindfulness, marketing and adaptability in tow, the Coach Poppy newsletter will continue to address your current queries, concerns and the topics that come up for you. It is all about you.

With this in mind, several of the Marketing Mindfulness subscribers hinted that I might address workplace “struggle vs. ease.” There are really two schools of thought: the Dale Carnegie’s will say that work life is fraught with challenges, struggles and really hard effort. They will say “no pain, no gain.” The mindfulness-oriented will say that work life is seamless, easy, and effortless. Our work life and interrelations will flow from one sequential step to another, and like the man on the flying trapeze, it will be with invisible ease.

I am sure there is no question that I embrace the latter of the two schools, although, I believe I would not – nor COULD not, embrace mindfulness if I hadn’t first evolved from the previous sales and marketing model! Whenever we push, whenever we struggle, whenever we resist, we make miniscule progress. Desire is born from that limited progress to have ease, to feel good about our lives. Yet, when we embrace an openness to adapt and accept, (both ourselves and others), we are totally open to enormous possibilities; even those “in-your-wildest-dreams” possibilities.

So often, I hear clients dwell on their struggles to find promising work in today’s marketplace. When we dwell there, we struggle further, and limit the lens of opportunities. Fortuitous moments and serendipity evaporate. On the flip side, try being mindfully open; be easy. Then watch how serendipity and the next effortless moment and event literally fall into place. You do not have to do anything. Just being open, just being easy, just being resistant-free, will completely open the floodgates of possibilities.

Just for a moment, think about what you might consider evolving, adapting, modifying, that could be a real game changer in your life; that could bring about a life of ease and effortlessness?

Think big.

Bigger still.

In order to think big, we need to tap into our gut instincts, our intuition, and the source of our inherent creativity. (And yes, we are ALL inherent creativity masters!) With the realization that I might be dating myself, the above link from the Moody Blues was the basis for this week’s fusion of Marketing Mindfulness with the inaugural Coach poppy Newsletter. Have a listen, and see if you too, will be inspired to access your wildest dreams.

Mindfully yours,


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